Farm Update

Tom and neighbors square baling the first cut of alfalfa


As we finish up planting and move into the growing season, we thought this would be a good time to pass along a farm update!We were very hopeful that we wouldn’t have another year like last year in terms of rain, but it seems as though that is what we were faced with, again. We were delayed getting into the field with rain and cold conditions but were able to start applying anhydrous on April 16 with planting beginning April 20. We are thankful that we purchased a high speed planter this year, as it dramatically cut down our planting time. The corn crop got in the ground within six days. This was great since our windows of opportunity to plant were short lived. 
The soybeans didn’t start to go into the ground until May 16. We were only able to get a small percentage in before the rains came and we were back out of the field for a few more weeks.
I’m happy to report that we finished planting beans on June 6. Additionally, we replanted the drowned out corn and beans and finished spraying the corn. 
The picture above is baling hay the old fashion way, small square bales with neighbors helping out!! 

We wish you all a safe and happy summer!