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The Condon farm was built upon traditions and values rooted deeply in agriculture and faith. The farm as we know it today was established in 1957 by Eddie and Mary Catherine Condon. In 1979 Eddie and Mary Catherine’s oldest son, Tom, returned to Barnum to begin farming with his dad. Over the past thirty-five years Tom and his wife, Jane, have worked hard to grow the operation into what it is today while keeping up with the ever-changing industry. Tom and Jane’s son, Sam, is now taking over responsibilities and duties as the newest generation back on the farm. The operation continues to grow and diversify each year. Condon Family Farms LLC., was established in 2016 to encompass the multiple entities that fall under the family farm today. 



“Condon Family Farms is a corn and soybean operation in the heart of Iowa. We work to remain profitable by making smart decisions, invest in technology and continuously set goals. Over the past 10 years we have made significant upgrades around the farm to help service larger equipment and higher bushels coming out of the field.

In 2008, we removed the old bin site and grove of trees in preparation for our new grain facility that was to be built just west of the farm. In 2010, the grain facility was complete and allows us to have roughly 120,000 bushels of on-farm storage. It was a long-term goal for Jane and I that we were excited to see through. Since then, we have taken down multiple buildings and are looking ahead to new possibilities in the coming years.

We want to thank our landlords who have trusted us with their investment over the years and have allowed us the freedom to manage their land as we would our own. We think of each of you as an extension to our family.

In 2016, Sam and his wife, Lizzy, returned to the area to allow for Sam to establish his seed business and begin farming full time. The farm wouldn’t run as smoothly as it does without our great help in the spring and fall. Many family members and friends step in as needed, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Jane is an invaluable asset to the team, ensuring we have rides to and from the field, great meals and spearheading daily operations around the farm.”


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In 2004, Tom became a certified and accredited Iowa Relator. He picked it up as a means to stay busy during the winter months, but over the past 10+ years he has found a deep passion and appreciation for the business. In 2015, Tom earned his Brokers license. His focus in land sales relates directly to the farm and his passion for agriculture.